Screen Yorkshire Secures Additional £7.5m Funding For Screen Industries

Screen Yorkshire announced today that it has secured a further £7.5m from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to invest in Yorkshire-based film, television and digital content through the Yorkshire Content Fund. In 2013 Olsberg•SPI led a team that undertook an interim evaluation of the Yorkshire Content Fund – now the UK’s biggest regional production investment fund.. read more →

20 Jan 2014

Olsberg•SPI to Develop Creative Strategy for Leeds

Having already completed an interim evaluation of its Yorkshire Content Fund, Olsberg•SPI was retained by Screen Yorkshire and Leeds City Council to develop a strategy for the city’s creative media sector. The work will be completed in 2014. read more →

11 Dec 2013

Olsberg•SPI completes evaluation of the Eurimages Fund

In May 2013 the Council of Europe commissioned Olsberg•SPI to evaluate its Eurimages Fund. In November, Olsberg•SPI completed a detailed study that provides a 360-degree assessment of the Fund’s performance. The work also resulted in a number of recommendations, which were presented to the Eurimages Board in Vienna in December. The report will be published.. read more →

27 Nov 2013

BFI Launches International Strategy to Boost UK Film

The BFI has launched an ambitious new international strategy aimed at helping UK film achieve maximum economic growth and cultural reach in the global marketplace by 2017 – a key aim of the BFI’s five year plan, Film Forever. The strategy is underpinned by research that Olsberg•SPI, together with David Steele, completed on behalf of the.. read more →

15 Oct 2013

Olsberg•SPI study leads to new film production rebates in Malaysia

The Prime Minister of Malaysia has announced a new fiscal production rebate of 30% for local and foreign film makers. This initiative was based in part on Olsberg•SPI’s feasibility study on incentives for Malaysia, completed last October for our client Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios. read more →

04 Oct 2013

Jonathan Olsberg appears live on Swedish television

Jonathan Olsberg was interviewed live on Swedish television daily news programme ‘Aktuellt’ about the recent successes enjoyed by Swedish films and filmmakers read more →

21 Sep 2013

Olsberg•SPI Completes Assessment of Overseas Strategies for Create HK

With a view to making recommendations  for the future of the Hong Kong exhibition sector, Olsberg•SPI and Hong Kong’s F Media undertook a study of various overseas strategies to promote cinema development. The work explored their effectiveness and assessed their applicability to Hong Kong, was completed in September, 2013. read more →

03 Sep 2013

Olsberg•SPI advises Skillset Cymru

Olsberg•SPI is advising Skillset Cymru on a number of assignments concerning current and future skills needs for the Creative Economy in Wales. read more →

10 Aug 2013

Olsberg•SPI recommends changes to European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production

Olsberg•SPI has delivered on behalf of the Council of Europe an evaluation of the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production. This survey, which considered the views of a range of administrators, film-makers and media lawyers drawn from the States which are party to the convention, both highlights the successes so far and makes suggestions for modernisation.. read more →

12 Jul 2013

Olsberg SPI contributes to Film Business Asia

Olsberg•SPI has drawn on its expertise in the global production arena to produce an article for the Berlin edition of Film Business Asia. The Case For Co-Production explores the potential offered by linking Europe and China, assessing possible routes of collaboration between the two regions. Read the article: Film Business Asia – The Case For.. read more →

01 Feb 2013