25 Jun 2018

Olsberg•SPI Privacy Policy

How SPI Collects Personal Data

Olsberg•SPI collects personal data related to individual’s professional activities in the course of conducting assignments, or as a result of data collected or shared doing individual meetings, or in the course of doing business.

Occasionally, we will also collect data from public sources such as Companies House, social media, or internet searches. We will often be engaged by clients where the sharing of data is required in order to conduct an assignment, for example in the creation of a consultation list.

What categories of data do we collect?

In general, SPI will collect as little data as is required to undertake our assignments, or for the purposes of business communications. This is generally limited to contact details, including name, company name, professional e-mail address, phone number, and postal address.

Other data may be collected as necessary to fulfil a contractual requirement, but this is rare.

What lawful reasons do we have to collect this?

SPI relies on a number of lawful reasons to collect personal data to operate our business:

  • Contract – we may hold and process data in order to perform our contractual obligations to our clients;
  • Consent – we may rely on freely-given consent at the time personal data are provided;
  • Legitimate interests – we may rely on legitimate interests, based on our evaluation that the data management is fair, reasonable, and balanced. This can be for the delivery of insights and specialist knowledge which we believe is welcomed and of interest, or to deliver services to our clients.
  • Legal obligations and public interest – occasionally, we may be required by prevailing legal requirements to hold personal data.

Why do we need these data?

SPI typically uses personal data for:

  • Providing professional advice and services in our consultancy business;
  • Promoting our professional services to current and potential clients;
  • Providing insights and specialist knowledge through newsletters and publications; and,
  • Complying with any legal requirements in association with our work.

Are data shared with third parties?

We may occasionally share data with either clients or partners in the delivery of a contract, but this will be limited to actions required for such work. Data will also be shared with law enforcement, government, and regulatory agencies as required by, and in accordance with, any legitimate law or regulation.

Will Olsberg•SPI transfer personal data outside of the European Economic Area?

All data we hold are stored within the EEA, but these data may be transferred outside the EEA when we are working with a non-EEA based client.

How can I manage the data Olsberg•SPI hold on me?

Olsberg•SPI’s newsletters will always contain an option to remove yourself from our database or manage your personal data. To manage other data, please contact info@o-spi.com

How long do Olsberg•SPI retain personal data?

Personal data collected in the process of undertaking an assignment will be held for as long as necessary by the specific contract. Following this, in the absence of specific business needs, regulatory, or legal requirements, they will be disposed of in a secure manner.

Do we review this policy?

This Privacy Policy is regularly reviewed, and was last updated on 25thJune, 2018.