12 Aug 2017

Olsberg•SPI to Study Impact of Sarajevo Film Festival

Olsberg•SPI have been commissioned by the Sarajevo Film Festival to assess the impact which the festival has had on the City of Sarajevo over the course of its 23 editions to date.

As part of this study, we will be looking at the cultural, social, and economic value which the activities of the SFF have delivered for the city and wider Bosnia and Herzegovina, and its return on investment to public supporters and sponsors. In doing this, we will be conducting surveys of industry and festival attendees, and analysing the data produced by the festival.

Mirsad Purivatra, director of Sarajevo Film Festival, commented: “The impact of creative industries and events on their host cities and regions is a topic of great interest to both us and similar events.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity for our festival to be studied by Olsberg SPI in this research project. It will be very useful for both us and our stakeholders when we plan our future work. “

This study is expected to be completed in late 2017; for further information, and to receive the final report when published, please sign up below:

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