15 Nov 2017

SPI’s Updated Global Incentives Guide Featured in World of Locations: Download Here

SPI has undertaken a full update of its Global Incentives Index 2017, a detailed overview of all automatic national, state, and province-level incentive mechanisms. Compiled by SPI and updated twice a year the index features in World of Locations. 

SPI’s Index provides detailed, comparable, insight into over 80 schemes across Europe, Asia/Oceania, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America/Caribbean, Canada and the US States. The Index includes data on key elements of each scheme, including incentive type, value, project cap, scheme budget, deadlines, eligibility, limits, restrictions and other considerations.

Download the Global Incentives Index.

Published by Screen International, Broadcast, shots and KFTV, World of Locations showcases the world’s film, TV and commercial locations.